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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great Minds

More Great Minds for this series...although I understand the importance of the dead white guys, I find myself enjoying the South African philosophers much more!  Anyone out there have any other suggestions of great minds in South Africa.  I am eager to know more about our land, about the wonders at our door steps as I believe there is a lot more than we realise...if we looked at our own with the same amazement and respect that we do to foreign great minds, musicians, actors, artists I really think the rest of the world would do the same.  Perhaps it is time to do a series of works that shows 'the greats' of South Africa.  Any suggestions???

Desmond Tutu
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Jean-Paul Sartre

Simone De Beauvoir

Steve Biko without black background

Steve Biko

A new series I have begun titled 'Great minds'.  These works will hopefully be commissioned to a department in the university.
I have completed the first work on Steve Biko and while doing the work decided to read 'I write what I like' by Steve Biko.
What an inspiration. This book was written during Apartheid, his insight and clarity of thought is unbelievable.  What a wonderful project - reading and doing works of great minds.
Only one for now, but many more to come.
  Let me know what you think, on the work, on Steve Biko and his writings...
I draw what I like
original SOLD
10 digital prints available

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