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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I could look at all 'the ugly' in this world and take my pick on subject matter.  I could show you the horrors we endure and shock you with visuals that will leave you feeling lost, hopeless and angry.  What is the point of that?  What is the point of showing what we already know; what we see every day on the news, in our lives, the stories we are told?
South Africa is a country with many problems and turmoils, as are most countries.  We live in a very visual age; we have all seen terrible wars, rape, death, disgust just by watching TV programmes!  The truth, which frustrates me with 'art to shock', is the obvious over sight that most people are good.  Most people are trying hard to raise their families, get their kids educated, be a part of their communities...
 I am tired of being shocked!
 I am tired of only being made aware of what is wrong within our society.  For these reasons I try make art that is a depiction of my existence in this world.  Art has the ability to expose the wrongs within a society, as it did, very successfully, during Apartheid.  But it also has the ability to remind us of beauty, of the wonder of being alive.  Art can inspire us by elevating the human condition.  Lots of modern art has forgotten this.
Like most of you I am sad sometimes, filled with great joy in others;  I am angry occasionally, often silly. This does not make my life 'small' or insignificant.  It may not seem dramatic... but it is my life and     so precious to me.  My life is of ultimate importance, as are all of yours!

 The language I am most fluent in is the language of art and I hope some of my works help you understand this beautiful, wonderful language!!! 


Protector - close up

The agony of life and certainty of death

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