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Thursday, 24 May 2012


Julius who?-1
Julius who? - 1 Close up

Julius who? - 2 Close up

Julius who? - 2 Close up

Too many missing pieces to this puzzle!

Too many missing pieces to this puzzle - close up

I am certain this is not the end of this series, as he speaks more works will come.  Do we perhaps give this man too much of our time?  I have taken the headlines of the newspaper the day after Julius Malema suggested that we put it in our archives that one day he will be the leader of the ANC.  I am almost (not completely, but almost!) certain that in the future all this will be forgotten and so will his words.  For that reason I have made artworks about it so that in the years to come we can reflect and wrack our brain about that who???


  1. I like the first piece the most - well, the one on the top of this blog post.
    It looks to me like I can pull those straps of newspaper out on the sides and remove his face entirely. It's a visual reminder of Malema's slow decline (or slide) from public perception.

  2. Thanks for the response! Yes I did not tie the end down, which looks like I just did not complete the work, but actually I was doing what you just said...We can remove him one strand at a time, he has lost his power! Glad it came across!!!