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Thursday, 3 October 2013


It has been many months, perhaps even a year that I have not been active on this blog.  This is not because I have not been active within the arts but more because I could not quite define what it is that this blog page was about. I am clearer now and have decided that this blog will be my works, my views, my thoughts relating to the visual arts. 
The nature of the art world within South Africa is a confusing space, and as a 'young' artist, there is so much to learn.  Luckily the avenues to learn are readily available and although the appearance of this art world may be pretentious, it is often the exact opposite.  Many people in this industry are very happy to talk and teach young artists about the ins and outs of the industry.  Gordon Froud is always ready to answer a question, Louise Ross, Anthea Pockroy, Gordon Massie never hesitate to advise and give their perspective on issues and topics.  This may be true, however, there are many egos to deal with and much of this is based on insecurities that come from the artists rather than the art industry. 

Sadly I have left ASSEMBLAGE, New Arc Studios and find myself questioning where exactly I will be producing my art from?  The ideas are endless, and the content overflows within my mind. Perhaps every artist needs moments of contemplation before moments of action, I do hope that this is one of those moments and will end some time soon!

The last 2 works which I have produced where difficult works to do.  I found myself becoming more fearful and more aware of potential situations where rape could happen. Producing works that deal with rape within South Africa and the quantities reminded me of the possibility of becoming just another statistic.  This is a tough world we live in and producing art that reflects its difficulties can become exhausting and disillusioning.  Dianne Victor recently spoke to the Visual Arts students at FADA and I was very interested in her reasons for producing art...she expressed that her art is often of the things, people, conditions  that repel her, she produces the works to remove them from her subconscious.  Perhaps we all do that to some degree, well except the big 5 painters that is!

So I am back, and will be blogging away...

I will post imagery of my most recent works very soon...

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