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Monday, 2 January 2012

Just a piece of paper-2

My latest work in 'just a piece of paper' although this one is larger-A3.  I would love to try very large cut outs, but the process is so finicky that I would need larger spaces to do them in.
The agony of life and death
The simplification of an image to just line work.  How much emotion can be captured?  All these works are done free hand and cut out with a craft knife.  A simple process that takes much concentration and accuracy.  This process is opening so many new ideas and concepts; perhaps it is in the simplicity of life that all the answers lie.  All my artworks are for sale so please contact me if you are interested and thank you for having a look! 
Contemplation - on black


Nude - on black

Black child

Black child - on white


Balance - on black


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