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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Just a piece of paper

Here are some more works.  Some are still raw and unfinished.and I am obviously not much of a photographer, but let me know what you think so far....
Fat, thin, ugly, beautiful, tall, short..what's the difference you are all stuck on this page!

Dancer-close up
The beginning of my newest body of works.  I have restricted myself to one piece of A4 paper per work.  Anything that I cut off the paper has to be put back on so it remains just a piece of paper.  It is amazing how limitations can lead to creativity.  I have now completed eight works.  This is one of them, I will post the rest soon.
Let me know what you think-good or bad all comments are wanted....


  1. My favourite is "Alone". So simple, but so effective! Tammy

  2. That is great to hear. I was concerned it was too simple, but simplicity sometimes says more I guess.